Track And Analyze Your Performance And Progress

Keeping track of your rowing

To confirm you're getting the results you want, it's essential to track and analyze your rowing over time.

The best approach is to log all your rowing in a form that lends itself to statistics and analysis so you can see trends. That's why Digital Rowing has built RowPro to track every stroke as you row, so you can check and analyze your progress anytime by simply looking at RowPro reports.

What to track?

The most useful items you'll want to track are:

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Why track and analyze?

Your meters and heart rate are the two most critical items to track:

Your heart rate is the core indicator of your fitness level, so wearing a heart rate monitor while you row is very important.

You get a psychological boost from counting your meters.

You feel a strong sense of progress when your power goes up and your heart-rate comes down.

Tracking and analyzing enables you to know, not guess, your fitness level and performance.


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