Rowing Activities

Whether it's just you at home or multiple crews scattered all round the world, there's a RowPro rowing activity for you. All you need is a RowPro computer and an Internet connection, and you're in action.

  • Individuals

    Row online, row a training plan, or participate in regattas or challenges - whatever works best for you

  • Online Rowing

    One of the easiest ways to get started with Online Rowing is to join an organized online group, for example:

    • General Fitness Group - Organizer: Pam Loeffen
    • Handicap Racing Series - Organizer: Ernie Parizeau
    • Online Training Series - Organizer: Chad Goss
    • Friends and Family - Organizer: Pam Loeffen
    • Beginners Group - Organizer: Pam Loeffen

    There's also a free online rowing club named Oarbits, where RowPro users schedule and join online rows, view online rowing results, and send messages to each other.

    If you've never rowed online, look out for the Beginners Group rows in the Oarbits Session Schedule, or contact Pam at for help and advice.

    Rowing Plans

    You can intuitively feel the difference between asking "Will I row today?" vs. "What am I scheduled to row today?" That difference is one of the core secrets to sticking with your rowing over the longer term.

    RowPro has hundreds of plans for all levels from beginners to elite rowers, and a Wizard that tailors each plan to take into account your personal profile and rowing experience.

    RowPro training plans are created by training guru Jon Ackland of Performance Lab International. Jon is one of the world's foremost experts in plans for "remote training" situations where a training instructor is not present.

    Rowing to a plan gives you a much better chance of getting the results you want from your rowing, whether that's to maintain a healthy fitness, or get back in shape, or lose weight, or get stronger or faster for competition.

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    Clubs & Challenges

    RowPro is also designed to be a gateway to a number of organized offline activities:

    • Concept2 clubs - RowPro enables you to upload meters directly to your Concept2 Personal Logbook online to register your meters for Concept2 Million Meter Clubs.
    • Records - RowPro has a special Challenge Mode to support world record attempts of up to 1,000,000 meters or 24 hours, either for private reasons or for publicity or fundraising.
    • Concept2 challenges - Concept2 regularly organizes individual and team challenges. Meters you upload to your Concept2 Personal Logbook feed directly into challenge standings.
    • RowPro Rowers - RowPro users have a virtual club called RowPro Rowers on the Concept2 website. All meters uploaded to Concept2 by RowPro Rowers add to the club's total meters.
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    Rowfiles are small portable XML files used to record and play back rowing sessions in RowPro. Rowfiles are created by exporting entries from your RowPro Rowing Log.

    This opens up a whole range of possibilities:

    • Private Rowfiles - You can send Rowfiles to yourself or your friends by email. This enables you to row with each other's past rows. This is great when you can't row together online.
    • Ranking Rowfiles - RowPro enables you to upload your results directly to your Concept2 Personal Logbook online. From there, you can select entries and show them on the Online Ranking.
    • Competition Rowfiles - There's a huge Rowfile Library on the Digital Rowing website with thousands of Rowfiles recorded at major Indoor Rowing Championships in recent years.
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  • Teams and Groups

    Want some competition? Improve your team's training and compete with other teams either online or offline

  • RowPro for groups

    RowPro can connect to up to 16 Concept2 Indoor Rowers (ergs) and can organize them into 1x, 2x, 4x or 8x boats.

    This opens up huge possibilities for groups such as:

    • Schools, colleges and universities
    • Gyms and Health Clubs
    • On-water Rowing Clubs and National Federations
    • Military Units and Emergency Services
    • Adaptive rowing groups
    • Health and fitness professionals
    • Corporate and Business groups

    Group training and racing, both online and offline, is now within easy reach. Here are some example activities:

    Group training and racing online

    RowPro enables groups to engage in rowing competitions online, eliminating the need to physically travel to other locations. This fundamentally changes what is possible in group training and sports competitions. For example:

    • Remote coaching - Coaches can effectively train groups in outlying areas from a regional centre.
    • Inter-group competition - Coaches can set up inter-group head-to-head online competitions, for example to break the tedium and lack of competition during off-season training.
    • Online regattas - The 2001 British Online Rowing Champs has begun a new era of major online regattas. Although only 1x in the first year, in time there will also be 2x, 4x and 8x races.

    Group training and racing offline

    RowPro also supports group rowing offline, so-called venue racing and group training. For example:

    • Rowing programs - RowPro enables group fitness instructors to set up the same workout on up to 16 ergs, then log all the results for all the participants. Easy!
    • Team relays - These are popular for team building and where there aren't enough ergs to go round.
    • Group training - RowPro provides coaches with tools to quickly create fitness programs, teach rowing technique, and record and analyze results, so you can handle larger groups.
    • Fitness session wrap-ups - Venue Races as short as 100m can be used to wrap up fitness sessions. Participants can be paired into doubles to balance out ability levels for exciting finishes.
    • Venue racing - Using RowPro for live head-to-head racing in full 3D transforms Indoor Rowing from a fitness activity to a competitive sport.
    • Fitness testing - Used with RowPro, the Concept2 Indoor Rower is about as close as you can get to a perfect fitness testing platform for athletes, students or gym members.
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  • Special Interests

    Use RowPro to enhance rowing for rehabilitation, motivation and competition

  • Special Activities

    Adaptive rowing groups can use RowPro to great advantage in a number of ways:

    Rehabilitation and fitness programs

    RowPro provides adaptive rowing coaches with tools to quickly create fitness programs, teach rowing technique, and record and analyze results.

    This makes it easy for adaptive coaches to make individual rehab and fitness programs tailored to each adaptive rower's specific situation, and to monitor changes and progress over time.

    Online group rowing

    RowPro Online Rowing enables adaptive rowing programs to hold live group rowing sessions in real time involving adaptive rowers anywhere in the world. Up to 16 locations can participate in the same session with one boat each.

    These sessions can be for specialized group coaching or just for group fitness. The built-in online chat function enables adaptive rowers to build relationships before and after online rowing sessions with people they could otherwise not meet or engage with due to logistical and financial challenges.

    This fundamentally changes what is possible in creating bridges between widely dispersed adaptive rowing groups.

    Online competitions

    RowPro Online Rowing enables adaptive rowing groups to hold live rowing competitions in real time regionally, nationally and internationally.

    This transforms adaptive indoor rowing into a worldwide sport by making it practical to arrange competitive sporting activities between adaptive athletes of similar capability levels in real time anywhere in the world.

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