Oarbits is the hub of Online Rowing

It's fun and you'll make great friends, but the biggest benefit of Online Rowing is the motivation you get to keep rowing. That's why it's such a huge success, with over 150,000 boats now past the finish line. Try it. You'll love it.


  • Enjoy the magic

    If you've never rowed online before, you're in for a real treat. RowPro enables you to row online with other people all round the world in real time.

    Online Rowing is fun, addictive, and a great way to keep yourself rowing long term. Some quick facts:

    • Online Rowing is free to all RowPro users.
    • Any Internet connection will do including cable, dial-up and satellite.
    • There are organized sessions for beginners to help you get started.
    • There's an online hostess Pam to help you get started.
    • Any pace is great, from gentle to sizzling - you choose.
    • There are many scheduled rows every day that anyone can join.
    • Online rowers are a great bunch of friendly people around the world.


  • Rowing or racing?

    Under the Oarbits hood there's some very classy technology.

    It's fast and accurate enough to hold serious world-class online regattas like the British Online Rowing Championships. And it's also simple enough for anyone to use at home.

    All you do is join an online row, check in, chat with the others who will be rowing online with you, and row. Each online row can have up to 16 boats, so you'll meet plenty of people.

    In the text chat before and after each row, you'll soon get to know others well, and you'll quickly realize what a great bunch of folks they are. Online Rowing is motivation at its best.

    Each boat and rower on your RowPro display moves exactly the way they are rowing in the real world. Each boat is correctly positioned within +/- the width of a bow flag, and each stroke reflects the exact stroke the rower is doing on their erg.

    So what are you waiting for? Maybe it's time you joined the fun.


  • Oarbits anywhere

    When you regularly row online you'll appreciate being able to access Oarbits from anywhere. Now there are four ways to connect to Oarbits:

    • Oarbits in RowPro - You can open Oarbits directly from within RowPro to create or join Scheduled Rows or view results.
    • Oarbits Online - You can use any web browser on any computer anywhere to access all the features of Oarbits online.
    • Oarbits App - Now there's an iPhone App and an Android App you can use to access all the features of Oarbits wherever you are.
    • Oarbits Gadget - There's also a Windows desktop gadget that you can use to quickly check who's in the rows you've created or joined.


  • Enjoy the company

    Oarbits is a fantastic community for RowPro rowers:

    • RowPro chat - Just as important as the rowing itself is the text chat before and after each row. This is where you make friends online.
    • RowPro on Facebook - This is where Digital Rowing posts updates and info for the RowPro community, and where RowPro rowers can ask questions and share views and experiences.
    • RowPro on Twitter - This is where you can view live comments and updates to Digital Rowing news.
    • RowPro forum - Concept2 UK hosts a very active forum for RowPro users. This is where you exchange ideas with other RowPro rowers.
    • Send a message - Oarbits enables you to send private messages to other Oarbits members. This is where you organise future rows.
    • Online hostess Pam - Everyone online knows Pam. She helps folks get started, organizes popular rows, and assists with any issues.