Online Rowing Activities

Whether it's just you at home or multiple crews scattered all round the world, there's an Online Rowing activity for you. All you need is a RowPro computer and an internet connection, and you're in business.

  • Online Rowing

    Row with other people all around the world, live and in real time. It's magic.

  • Motivate yourself

    Online Rowing is fun, addictive, and a great way to keep yourself rowing over the long term.

    There's an online rowing club Oarbits for people who row online with RowPro. Oarbits membership is free and you can join anytime.

    Once you've tried it, you'll quickly realize there are many people out there just like you who share common interests and rowing goals, whether it be weight control, fitness and health, training, or competition.

    People also quickly make friends and rowing buddies online, and tend to row more with people who have a similar interest to their own. Over time, the whole online rowing activity becomes very motivating.

    Overall, online rowing is cool, fun, very motivating and a great boost to your rowing, and it's very easy to do.

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  • Online Crew Rowing

    Spice up your crew rowing - go head-to-head with other crews anywhere in the world.

  • Challenge your crew

    Looking for some off-season competition to spice up your crew training or your team building?

    RowPro online crew rowing enables you to race or train with 1x, 2x, 4x or 8x crews anywhere in the world without anyone needing to travel.

    All it needs is for someone - you - to organize an online crew row with other crews, and RowPro does the rest.

    What are you waiting for?

    Expand your horizons

    How about some remote training sessions with satellite groups or with crew members who are dispersed?

    How about a corporate crew regatta between your branches around the country or around the world?

    How about a military league or competition between personnel at base and deployed?

    Now it's only limited by your imagination. Whatever it is, you can do it.

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  • Online Regattas

    Want a real competition? Go head-to-head with the best in the BORC online regatta.

  • Bring the racing to your place

    If you can get to CRASH-B, the BIRC or the Euro Open, great. If not, there's a new game in town, and it's happening at your place.

    The first ever British Online Rowing Championships - the BORC - was held Nov 25, 2011.

    70 people from 10 countries competed, all of them from their own home base, using nothing more than their RowPro computer and an Internet connection.

    So it has begun. There will be another BORC in 2012, and in time there will be other online regattas.

    Keep an eye on for the date of the next BORC, mark your calendar to make sure you get in on the action next time, and start training!

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