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Rowing properly

One of the most common questions people ask when they start rowing is "Am I doing this right?" Then they start searching for a technique video.

Good stroke technique looks easy in a video and is important to master, but it takes time and attention to develop properly. That's why Digital Rowing has built a comprehensive technique coaching system into RowPro that helps you learn, improve, check and maintain good technique over time.

3D Coaching Clinic

RowPro has a state-of-the-art 3D coaching clinic where you watch an Oarsman perform excellent stroke technique in slow motion, and learn the key parts of the stroke from Olympic rowing coach Brian Hawthorne.

Brian's easy-to-follow coaching is designed to help beginners quickly understand how to row safely and powerfully, and help more experienced rowers improve all phases of the stroke from drive to finish.

This understanding enables you to accurately identify errors in your own stroke technique without needing a coach to watch you and give feedback.

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Why technique is important

Good stroke technique is the key to maximizing power, minimizing injury and lowering heart rate:


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