RowPro Rowfile Library

Welcome to the Rowfile Library - a huge collection of thousands of Rowfiles from the CRASH-B and BIRC indoor rowing championships. They're all available free for you to download and use in RowPro. Enjoy!

  • Rowfile Library

    Use the Rowfile Selector below to specify the Rowfiles you want to download, and click Search.

    Then select one or more of the listed Rowfiles using Click, Shift-Click or Ctrl-Click, and click Download Rowfiles.


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    About the Rowfile Library

    The Rowfile Library is a collection of Rowfiles from major Indoor Rowing Championships like CRASH-B and the BIRC.

    During these championships the race computer collects data from all the Concept2 Performance Monitors several times each second. This data is later processed into the Digital Rowing Rowfile format and made available here in the Rowfile Library. The result is a massive library of thousands of individual Rowfiles, each one a stroke-by-stroke record of a competitor's race.

    You can download any of these Rowfiles free of charge and race them stroke by stroke. For example:

    • If you were a competitor at one of these events, you can download your own race, or the races of the people who were just ahead and just behind you, and try different race tactics for next time.
    • If you weren't a competitor, you can find people in your class and performance level and race them. The Rowfile Selector above enables you to quickly select the events for your rowing class and see the competitors and their performance.

    The Rowfile Library contains Rowfiles from the following Indoor Rowing Championship events:

    • CRASH-B Sprints (World Indoor Rowing Championships), Boston US - 2005 to 2011.
    • BIRC (British Indoor Rowing Championships), Birmingham UK - 2005 to 2009.
    • AIR-C (Adaptive Indoor Rowing Championships), Boston US - 2009.

    If you have any questions or feedback about these Rowfiles, please email

  • Using Rowfiles

    RowPro enables you to import Rowfiles, use them to animate rowers in the other lanes onscreen, and row with them.

    When you import a Rowfile, RowPro checks if the user name on the Rowfile (i.e. the person who did the rowing) matches your user name in RowPro. Rowfiles for 'other people' besides yourself are not added to your RowPro Rowing Log - instead they are added to your Competitor Log and become available for selection when setting up a Regatta in Session Setup.

    Here are the steps for importing Rowfiles into RowPro and setting up a race with them:


    Importing Rowfiles into RowPro

    • Select the Rowfile you want to download, and save it to a disk folder on your RowPro PC.
    • Start RowPro, open the Control Center /Rowing Log page and click Import ...
    • Under Import Rows from ... click Rowfile, and click Import.
    • Navigate to the folder where you saved the downloaded Rowfile, select the Rowfile, and click Open.
    • The Rowfile will be imported into your Competitor Log - click Competitor Log to view.
    • The Competitor Log has the same functions as your Rowing Log, so you can sort, delete etc.


    Setting up a race with Rowfiles

    • Start RowPro, open Session Setup, click Set Piece and select the duration that matches the Rowfiles you're using. So for example if you're using Rowfiles from the BIRC or CRASH-B, select the 200m Set Piece.
    • Click one of the Lane numbers in the options on the right of Session Setup.
    • Click Competitors.
    • Select the Rowfile you want from the list and click OK.
    • Repeat this for any other Rowfiles or Pace Boats you want to race.
    • Choose any other Session Setup options you want, for example warm-up/down, but don't select any other distance or time after setting the Lanes, or the Lanes will be emptied and you'll need to start again.
    • Click Row when you're ready to row.



    • In Lanes, each entry on the list is identified by the date and time it was rowed. To make it easier for you to identify which one you want to select, any list entries that have a User Reference in their Rowing Log Notes will display the User Reference in the Regatta list instead of the time. You can set User References anytime by right-clicking an entry in your Competitor Log and clicking Notes.
    • If a Rowfile you were expecting to see is not listed in the Lanes utility, the most likely reason is that you have not selected the matching duration (e.g. 2000m for BIRC and CRASH-B Rowfiles) in Session Setup before opening the Lanes utility.
    • If you've programmed a warm-up, you will row the warm-up alone, and then the Lanes will be set up.
    • When you next use Session Setup, any previous Lanes settings will be gone.


    Rowing with Rowfiles

    The procedure for rowing with Rowfiles is the same as for rowing alone, except that the session will end when you cross the finish line, regardless of which other rowers are ahead of or behind you.