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Are there different download packages for Home, School and Gym Edition?

No. There is only one RowPro software package.

The differences between editions are created by the settings in the Product Key used to activate RowPro. These settings are based on the RowPro License used to create the Product Key.


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What's the difference between the exe and iso downloads?

The exe download is a single file containing only the RowPro software. When you download and run the exe, it checks to see if the Microsoft .Net Framework is installed in the PC already, and if not, it downloads it from Microsoft. This means an Internet connection is required the first time you install RowPro in a PC.

The iso download contains all RowPro-related files, including the Microsoft .Net Framework and RowPro documents. This means an Internet connection is not required when you use a CD burned from the RowProCD.iso file to install RowPro in a PC.

Iso files are designed to be burned to CD-R by CD burner software. Most modern CD burner software can handle iso files. If in doubt, search the Help of your CD burner software for 'iso'.
When the iso file is burned to CD, the iso file itself disappears and its contents are burned onto the CD.

Note: The downloadable RowProCD.iso file can be used to burn an exact copy of the as-shipped physical RowPro CD.

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Do I have to download RowPro, or can I get it shipped on CD?

You can get RowPro Home Edition shipped on CD if you prefer to be sent a physical CD.

You can order the physical CD in the Digital Rowing Online Store.

Note: RowPro School Edition and RowPro Gym Edition are available by download only.

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If I buy RowPro on CD, can I also use the download?

Yes. When you buy a copy of RowPro, what you are actually buying is a RowPro License. You can use this license to activate the RowPro software in your PC. The software itself may have been installed from a download package, or it may have been installed from a CD. The license will work either way.

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Where can I get the 20-day free tryout?

First get the RowPro software, then get a 20-day free tryout key.

Note: The only difference between the free tryout and the full product is the key used to activate the software.

You can get the RowPro software from:

Note: Digital Rowing does not ship a physical CD version of RowPro for the free tryout.

When you start RowPro, you will see the Activation Manager appear. This provides instructions on how to get a 20-day free tryout key.

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How do I install RowPro in a PC that doesn't have an Internet connection?

If the target PC doesn't have an Internet connection, you will need to install RowPro from CD the first time. Usually you would use the Concept2 CD shipped with your Indoor Rower to do this.

Once RowPro is installed, you can upgrade RowPro by either:

  • Downloading the RowProSetup.exe file, transferring this file to the target PC using either a CD or a USB memory stick, and running the file to upgrade RowPro, or
  • Downloading the RowProCD.iso file, burning it to CD, and running this CD in the target PC.
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Can I install RowPro in a Mac?

At this stage we don't have a native Mac version of RowPro.

RowPro does run on Intel-based Macs using either Boot camp or Parallels 4.0 or later, with Windows 8 or 7.  We recommend using Boot camp and Windows 8.

We have begun working towards a version of RowPro that runs in Mac OS-X, however this is still in its early stages.

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How do I tell if my PC is suitable to run RowPro?

Almost any modern XP or VIsta PC will run RowPro. If in doubt, check the PC Requirements page for details.

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How many PCs can I install RowPro in?

You can install the RowPro software in as many PCs as you want, and you can activate these for 20 days with a free tryout key in each PC.

When you buy a RowPro License, you can use each purchased license to activate RowPro in one PC. If you want to activate RowPro in more than one PC, you need an additional RowPro license for each additional PC.

You can readily move a RowPro license from one PC to another by deactivating RowPro in the old PC and then activating RowPro in the new PC. To deactivate RowPro, click the down arrow next to Help on the RowPro main menu, click Activation Manager, select the Maintenance tab, and click Deactivate Online.

Note: Your RowPro PC must be connected to the Internet to deactivate RowPro. If this is not possible, please contact for assistance with deactivating RowPro.

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What if I get an error message during installation?

Please contact for assistance.

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