RowPro community

There's an active worldwide RowPro community, and you can join it on Facebook, Twitter and the popular Concept2 UK Forum. Ask questions, learn from others, and share your own views and experiences.


  • RowPro on Facebook

    There is a RowPro Facebook page at

    This is where Digital Rowing posts updates and info for the RowPro community, and where RowPro rowers can ask questions and share views and experiences.

    We warmly invite you to join us on Facebook, 'like' the RowPro Facebook page, and join the RowPro community.

    You can post text, images and videos to the RowPro Facebook wall. Welcome!


    Rowers Group on Facebook

    There is also a Rowers Group on Facebook. There are hundreds of rowers in this group and many of them row with RowPro.



  • Digital Rowing on Twitter

    There is also a Digital Rowing Twitter page at

    This is where you can view live comments and updates to Digital Rowing news.

    We warmly invite you to join us on Twitter where you can 'follow' our tweets or tweet us when you have a question or comment.

    We love to hear from you!


    Note: The Digital Rowing Twitter page replaces
              Pam's blog, which is now closed.