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RowPro tracks all these and items and more, by collecting the base data automatically while you row, and making it available to you in the form of charts and tables so you can keep track easily.

Automatic logging

RowPro directly connects to your Concept2 Performance Monitor and automatically records all your rows in your personal rowing log. This base of rowing data is effortless to create, and forms the core of tracking, statistics, analysis, and validation for Concept2 challenges and million meter clubs.

Each row you do becomes a single line in your RowPro rowing log so you can easily see and find any row. With a single click you can delve into the details of each rowing session per split, per interval and per stroke.

You can also upload results directly from your RowPro rowing log to your Concept2 Online Logbook for immediate entry into Concept2 challenges and rankings.

Statistics and analysis

RowPro provides charts and tables to help you understand and track your performance and progress. These include:

The bottom line of tracking and analysis is to know, not guess, your fitness level and performance.


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