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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is RowPro?

RowPro is next-generation software for indoor rowing, designed exclusively for Concept2 Indoor Rowers by Digital Rowing. RowPro has a 3D graphics display, plus training plans, a 3D coaching clinic, a built-in rowing log, and much more.
RowPro includes:

  • A lifetime supply of Performance Lab training plans
  • A 3D Coaching Clinic with Olympic coach Brian Hawthorne
  • Automatic recording of every stroke with a PM5, PM4 or PM3
  • Expert performance feedback to track training progress
  • Virtual on-water racing against past rows and pace boats
  • Live Online Rowing with up to 15 others worldwide
Click here for more details.

How much does RowPro cost?

A RowPro Personal permanent plan is US $99.
Pricing for other RowPro plans is available in the Digital Rowing Online Store.

Can other people also use my copy of RowPro?

A separate RowPro product key is required to run RowPro in each computer. Within one computer, the number of RowPro users is set by the product key used to activate RowPro.
Home User plans are available for 1, 2 or 5 users, and Crew and Club plans are available for 20, 50 and 200 users. Digital Rowing can also make special licenses with more users if required - please contact
Each RowPro user is provided with their own training plan library, rowing log, pace boats, custom rows, colors and preferences.

What spec computer do I need?

The computer spec required for RowPro is detailed in the System Specifications.

Does RowPro run on a Mac?

Yes. RowPro is available for Macs running macOS 10.13 High Sierra or later.

Do I need an internet connection with RowPro?

Unless you plan to row online, an Internet connection is desirable but not essential. RowPro uses an Internet connection for the following tasks:

  • Activation - RowPro communicates directly with the online activation server at Digital Rowing to activate RowPro and to get a free 20-day tryout key. If you don't have an Internet connection when you activate RowPro, you can use a web browser on any computer to do this manually.
  • Uploading - By default RowPro uploads your results to your RowPro online logbook at the end of every row. If you don't have an Internet connection, RowPro won't be able to upload your results and you'll be limited to using the RowPro local logbook.
  • Online Rowing - RowPro communicates directly with the Oarbits server for scheduled Online Rowing sessions, and with the Online Rowing server for rowing the sessions. If you don't have an Internet connection, you won't be able to row online.

Which Concept2 PMs can I use with RowPro?

RowPro works with Concept2 PM5, PM4 and PM3 Performance Monitors. RowPro cannot connect to a PM2 monitor as these were not designed to connect to a PC. If you have a PM2, you can upgrade this to a PM3, PM4 or PM5 by using an upgrade kit from Concept2.

How do I connect my PM to my RowPro computer?

Your Concept2 PM5 connects to your RowPro computer with a standard USB cable like the ones used for printers. Do you have a spare USB cable from an old printer? If not, you could try the one from your current printer, and then get one from your local computer store or Concept2.

What type of heartrate monitor can I use with RowPro?

Ideally you should use a heartrate monitor whose signal can be picked up by your Concept2 Performance Monitor. Basically if the PM can show your heartrate on its display, then RowPro can also see, chart and record your heartrate.

You can however use any heartrate monitor, even if its signal can't be picked up by your Concept2 Performance Monitor, for example one that uses a watch to display your heartrate. Of course in this case RowPro will not be able to see, chart or record your heartrate, but at least you will know what your heartrate is, so you'll be able to stay within your target heart rate range.

The usual heartrate monitor used with a PM3 monitor is a Polar HRM with a pickup and cable that connects into the bottom of your PM3. The usual heartrate monitor used with the PM5 and PM4 is a Suunto HRM. This wirelessly transmits your heartrate direct to the PM. Of all the heartrate monitoring arrangements, this is the best option.

What can I use RowPro for?

You can use RowPro to:

  • Improve your rowing technique - match your stroke technique to an on-screen Oarsman who paces you stroke for stroke and coaches you in excellent stroke technique while you row.
  • Improve your performance - whether you're a beginner or an elite rower, use the built-in training plan wizard to create a professional training plan for losing weight, improving or maintaining your health and fitness, or training for competitions.
  • Set up and record workouts - with just a few clicks, your PC can set up simple and complex rows directly onto your PM5, PM4 or PM3 and record results as you row.
  • Track your target zones - set up target zones for Heartrate, Pace and Stroke Rate, and use the on-screen charts to stay within the marked target zones as you row.
  • Track your progress - with each row automatically saved in your personal digital rowing log, you can track and chart your progress with just a click of your mouse.
  • Spice up your rowing! - with just a few clicks, you can set up an exciting virtual race using advanced pace boats, your own past rows, and rows saved by other people on the Concept 2 Online Ranking.
  • Join the worldwide sport - enter your results into the Concept 2 Online Ranking, and train or race live with other people around the world.

Will I need to pay for upgrades?

Upgrades from any Version 4.x to any other Version 4.x are free. Upgrades from Version 1.x, 2.x, 3.x or 4.x to Version 5.x are available. You can see the available upgrade options and pricing in the Upgrades tab at

How can I tell which version of RowPro I have?

The RowPro version is shown in several places:

  • Look at the bottom right of the Splash Screen that shows every time you start RowPro.
  • Look at the Title Bar at the very top of the RowPro screen.
  • Look in Help / About RowPro.

What versions of Windows does RowPro run on?

The Windows versions thatRowPro runs on are detailed in the System Specifications.

Do I need my computer beside me while I row?

There are several options for where you position your computer:

  • To row with RowPro you normally put your computer on a low table next to the flywheel where you can easily see the computer screen while rowing and you can use the mouse and keyboard before and after rowing. This enables you to set up a row, watch the 3D Oarsman, the charts and the PM twin while you row, and review your splits etc when you're done.
  • You can also put your computer on a desk near your Indoor Rower, where you can still see the screen reasonably well while rowing but you have to set up your workout before you get on the Indoor Rower. This works fine but is not as convenient as having the computer right next to you.
  • You can also put your computer on a desk even further away, where you maybe can't see the screen while you row but your computer can still connect to your Concept2 PM to set up and record the results of each row. This is less useful because you can't watch it while you row, but at least RowPro can set up your sessions and record the results.
  • You can also use RowPro without connecting it to your Indoor Rower, for example to create training plans or manually enter results in your rowing log. This is very useful when you're not near your Indoor Rower.

What type of internet connections can I use with RowPro?

You can use practically any Internet connection, including DSL, Cable, Wireless, Satellite, 3G or Dial-up.

Note: RowPro uses very little bandwidth, so it does not interfere with other traffic on your Internet connection, however if you row online it is possible for other Internet users at your place to interfere with the RowPro traffic, for example if someone downloads a video or other large file this can cause problems with online rowing.

How many PMs can I connect to RowPro?

RowPro can connect to up to 16 PMs. The specific number is set by the RowPro product key. The PMs can be PM5s, PM4s or PM3s or any combination of these.

Note: All PMs must have the latest firmware version. RowPro does not lock itself to any paricular PM. So it is possible for example with a 1-erg license to connect to one erg at home, and later connect to a different erg at the gym, provided that at any given time there is only one erg connected.

Do I need to use a heartrate monitor with RowPro?

Digital Rowing highly recommends you do use a heartrate monitor with RowPro, however it is not a requirement.

Is the Digital Rowing Online Store secure?

The Digital Rowing Online Store is secured with a certificate from GeoTrust Inc. that uses the highest level of encryption or security possible for online purchases. This means you can rest assured that sending your credit card number from your web browser to the Digital Rowing Online Store is private and secure.

The Digital Rowing online store has never had a security problem in all the years it has operated, and no customer has ever had a security problem resulting from making a purchase in our Online Store.

Can our organization pay via an Invoice, not a Credit Card?

If your organization has an account with a Concept2 Distributor in your country, then you may be able to purchase RowPro from your Concept2 Distributor. If this is not possible, please contact for assistance.

Where can I get a receipt?

Digital Rowing recommends you print out the Store Confirmation page after you complete your purchase as this has all the details you require and can be used as an invoice or a receipt. If you require a separate receipt, log into your account at, go into My Purchases, and click the product name of your license.

Where do I get the software I have purchased?

You can download the RowPro software from Note that whichever RowPro product key you have purchased, the software package is the same. It is the product key that makes the software run as a specific RowPro plan with a specific number of users and ergs.

Are there permanent plans for all products?

Yes. Note non-permanent plans provide two major advantages over a permanent plan:

  • You can change the number of users and ergs each time you renew so you're not stuck with a plan that's the wrong size if your needs change.
  • All upgrades are free while your plan is current, so you never need to buy upgrades.

You can purchase a renewal the same way you purchased the original plan. The pricing for each subsequent year is the same as for the first year.

If you have a RowPro annual plan, you may if you prefer buy a permanent plan instead of buying another annual plan.

How do I buy a version upgrade?

In the Digital Rowing Online Store, click the Upgrade tab and follow the steps there.

I don't have Credit Cards you accept, what are my options?

The simplest solution if you don't have a credit card that's accepted in the Digital Rowing Online Store is to ask another person with a suitable credit card to make the purchase for you and then repay them. Digital Rowing normally only takes payment via credit card purchases in our Online Store, so any alternative method, for example sending a check or money order is more complicated and takes some time to complete. If you need assistance, please contact

I have a Coupon - how do I use it?

There is a place to enter your coupon number at the left of the Checkout page in the Digital Rowing Online Store.

How soon after purchasing will I get my product key?

Immediately. When your purchased is completed and you see the Store - Confirmation page, your product key will already be in your account at

The plan size I want is not listed - what are my options?

Digital Rowing can create plans of any size in special cases where one of the standard plans is not suitable. If you need a special plan, please contact

Can I activate downloaded software with a CD product key?

Yes you can. Just download the software and activate it exactly as though you had just purchased a download product key.

Can I upgrade from an annual to a permanent plan?

If you have a RowPro annual plan you can upgrade this to a permanent plan. To do this, just buy a permanent plan in the Online Store. Then when you next activate RowPro it will have a permanent product key.

Are the Home, Crew and Club versions different?

No. There is only one RowPro software package. The differences between plans are created by the settings in the product key used to activate RowPro. For more information, please visit our Store.

Do I have to download RowPro, or can I get it sent on CD?

We no longer ship Rowpro on CD because we update RowPro too frequently for a CD to be any use.

Where can I get the 20-day free trial?

First get the RowPro software, then get a 20-day free trial key.
Note: The only difference between the free trial and the full product is the key used to activate the software. You can get the RowPro software from:

When you start RowPro, you will see the activation panel. This provides instructions on how to get a 20-day free trial.

Can I install RowPro in a Mac?

Yes. RowPro is available for Macs running OSX 10.10 or later.

How many computers can I install RowPro in?

You can install the RowPro software in as many computers as you want, and you can activate these for 20 days with a free trial key in each PC.

When you buy a RowPro plan, you can use each purchased product key to activate RowPro in one computer. If you want to activate RowPro in more than one computer, you need an additional product key for each additional computer.

You can readily move a RowPro product key from one computer to another by deactivating RowPro in the old computer and then activating RowPro in the new computer. To deactivate RowPro 4 or earlier, click the down arrow next to Help on the RowPro main menu, click Activation Manager, select the Maintenance tab, and click Deactivate Online. To deactivate RowPro 5 or later, click Tools | Deactivate on the RowPro main menu.

Note: Your RowPro computer must be connected to the Internet while you deactivate RowPro. If this is not possible, please contact for assistance with deactivating RowPro.

How do I tell if my computer is suitable to run RowPro?

Almost any modern computer that shipped ex-factor with Windows 7 or later will run RowPro. If in doubt, check the computer requirements in the Specifications tab at for details.

How fast do the folks online row?

People row online at whatever pace suits them.

In a typical 30 minute GenFit session for example with 16 people rowing, there will be a few 'fast boys' out the front at 1:52 or so, then a bunch at 2:00 to 2:05, then more at 2:10, then some around 2:30 to 2:40.

In a typical 10 or 20 minute Gentle session the pace will range from 2:45 to 3:15 depending who's in it.

In a typical 6k Handicap Race the paces range from 1:50 to 2:15 but with the handicapping the finishes are very close regardless of the paces.

There are plenty more examples. The main points to note are:

  • There are always sessions at your pace, and you can also create your own sessions and invite others to join.
  • Most sessions have a range of paces and people tend to row along with others near their own pace.
  • In time sessions, everyone finishes at the same time regardless of their pace.
  • Most sessions are not races, they are people enjoying rowing together online.

I don't have any rowing friends to row with online

One of the great things about online rowing is that there are so many others already there for you to row with.

Almost everyone who rows online starts by just rowing with the other people who already row online.

The people already rowing online are very welcoming of new rowers joining them, and it doesn't take long before you'll have a great group of online rowing buddies.

So just join yourself into any of the sessions you see listed in Oarbits.

What if there's no suitable session there for me?

If you don't see a session of the right duration at a time that suits you, just create the session you want in Oarbits, and anyone else that is interested will see it and join it. If you're new to online rowing, it's a good idea to join other sessions first and get a bit of experience there before you create your own sessions.

How long before a row/session do I need to register?

For the more popular sessions like GenFit you might want to register a day or more before the session to make sure you have a place in it. The maximum number of boats in any session is 16. For special events like someone's birthday row, people typically join as soon as they see it listed in Oarbits, maybe days or weeks away. Having said that, you are free to join any session that still has spaces available up to the last minute before it starts.

Can other people see my details?

Other people can't see your email address or any other details about you. If they want to contact you they can email you via Oarbits.

Will my Internet connection be good enough?

Almost any Internet connection can be used, including dial-up, DSL, cable, mobile and satellite.

At your location you can use wireless or wired connections from your PC to your Internet access point.

Note: In some cases wireless phones, microwaves and neighbors with wireless Internet can interfere with the good operation of your wireless connection. There are remedies for this in the Troubleshooting section of RowPro Help.

What is online rowing?

Online rowing is connecting your RowPro PC to the Internet and rowing with other people anywhere in the world live and in real time.

The sessions are very similar to offline RowPro sessions but there are some extras:

  • There's an online rowing club named Oarbits where you create and join scheduled sessions, view results and contact others.
  • When you click Row in Session Setup you go through to a Check-in area where others gather and you can text chat with each other and warm up until the starter starts the session.
  • When you row there are other boats beside you in the other lanes. Each boat represents someone else in the session. When they take a stroke, the person in the boat beside you also takes a stroke, so their position and actions match in real time.
  • When you finish a finish panel pops up showing the results and enabling you to chat again with the others.

Online Rowing is a very popular and fast-growing activity, with over 30,000 boats crossing the finish line online every year.

Can I row quietly by myself first?

Yes! Start by creating a Quick Row as follows:

  • Start RowPro and click Session Setup | Online. Wait a few moments for it to connect.
  • At the bottom of Session Setup, click Create Quick Row, type in a session name (say "MyTest1"), type in a duration (say 500 meters) and click Row.
  • This will take you to Check-In. Get ready to row and click Prepare to Start. Wait a few moments and click Start.
  • Row the session online.
  • You'll see the Results screen at the end of your row. Click Close to finish.

What kind of sessions do people row online?

A quick look at the Session List in Oarbits will show you what sort of sessions are the most common. Middle-distance sessions like 20 and 30 minute sessions are popular along with 5, 6 and 10k. There are also plenty of shorter ones and even some half and full marathons for the hardy souls!

Most sessions have a purpose behind them, for example they might be for general fitness, beginners, friends and family, handicap races, and so on. There are also special sessions, for example birthday rows which are very popular where a person turning 54 will have a 5454m row, and events that parallel real-world events like the Boston Marathon.

Can I row online with the free trial?

Yes, the RowPro 20-day free trial is fully enabled for online rowing.

How will online rowing help me?

Online rowing helps your rowing several ways:

  • Commitment - The added commitment of knowing others are expecting you to turn up and row makes it that much more likely that you'll do the rowing rather than let it slide, so online rowing becomes an important tool for keeping up your rowing.
  • Motivation - When you know the boats beside you are real people rowing right now beside you the feeling of rowing is completely different compared to rowing alone or with a pace boat or past row. People find it tremendously motivating to know they're rowing with friends with a common interest from all over the world. It's a truly international experience.
  • Companionship - You'll be pleasantly surprised at the great friendships you form over time with other online rowers as you join in your rowing activity and share your experiences online.
  • Community - Oarbits is an online rowing club, and consists of a great community of people who share a common interest in rowing. The online rowing community will welcome you, help you and row with you any day of the week as you pursue your rowing goals.
  • Organization - The most popular online rowing activities are organized groups that people can just choose, join and row. This helps structure your rowing and makes it easy to do.

I don't want to hold people up by being too slow

If you're concerned about maybe being too slow, the best tip is to start off by rowing time sessions rather than distance sessions. That way you always finish at the same time as all the others in the session, even if you rowed at a slower pace. This is the reason there are so many time rows online - people enjoy finishing together and joining in the post-session chat.

How will I fit online rowing with my other rowing?

If you're doing a training program with specific workouts, for example intervals, you can do these by joining or creating a session of similar duration and then rowing the pattern you were planning to row within that session. So for example if you were to do two intervals of 500m with 750m rests and a total of 6k, you can row this pattern by changing your pace and stroke rate at 500, 1250, 1750 and 2250m to fit your planned intervals.

You may not be able to easily do all your training sessions this way but you should be able to do quite a number. This helps break up your training and gives you the boost of rowing with others while you train. If you're just rowing a set pattern of pieces each week, you can either join sessions already scheduled that are near what you want, or you can create session yourself that others can join.

What if I can't make it to a session I'm in?

Just withdraw. People understand this is part of life and nobody minds.

How long before a session starts do I need to check in?

It's a good idea to check in at least 10 minutes before a session's scheduled start time.

This gives you time to get oriented, do a bit of a warm-up, and chat with the others there.

As a general rule the starter should start the session no later than 5 minutes after the scheduled start time rather than keeping on waiting for someone who has not checked in yet.

Do I need any special equipment for Oarbits?

Once you have everything you need to row offline with RowPro, then the only additional thing you need is an Internet connection to your RowPro PC.

My RowPro computer isn't connected to the Internet, help?

You do of course need an Internet connection to row online! Most computers can do wireless connections, so it's likely you can get your computer connected to the Internet by arranging a wireless connection to your wireless access point. If you don't already have a wireless access point these are readily available from your nearest computer store.

How do I get started?

The best way to get started is to follow the steps in the RowPro Online Rowing Guide, which you can download from

Is there someone online who can help me get started?

Yes. Look our for 'Pam at Digital Rowing' in RowPro Chat, or email Pam at

Pam hosts a number of online sessions including GenFit and Beginner sessions and helps people get started. Pam rows online most days and is there to help you. The other folks online can also help and most are very happy to do so and very knowledgeable about online rowing.

Where do I go to join a session?

In RowPro, open Control Center | Oarbits, wait for it to connect, register if you're asked to, and click Session List, then to join any session you see listed there, click the checkbox for that session.

You can also join an online session via any web browser at Oarbits online.

Why do people row online?

To begin with, the idea of rowing online with other people all over the world is really cool and a lot of fun.

Once people have tried it, they quickly realize there are many people out there just like them who share common interests and rowing goals, whether it be weight control, fitness and health, training or competition.

People also quickly make friends and rowing buddies online, and tend to row more with people who have a similar interest to their own, for example losing a lot of weight, or training together to prepare for the CRASH-B rowing championships.

Over time, the whole online rowing activity becomes very motivating. The added commitment of knowing others are expecting you to turn up and row makes it that much more likely that you'll do the rowing rather than let it slide, so online rowing becomes an important tool for keeping up your rowing.

People also develop great friendships online with others from around the world, and come to know them well through the online chat before and after online sessions.

Overall, online rowing is cool, fun, very motivating and a great boost to your rowing, and it's very easy to do.

Does it cost anything?

Once you have RowPro in your PC and connected to your Concept2 Indoor Rower and to the Internet, you can row online as much as you want at no extra cost. Online rowing is provided free of charge by Digital Rowing for users of RowPro worldwide.

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