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How-to mini-guides

Tracking, technique, motivation and more

How to use RowPro for specific tasks

Need motivation? Wanting to track your progress better? Looking for ways to improve your stroke technique? Or are you just wanting to row with pace boats or your own past rows? RowPro has all the tools you need and more. These new RowPro mini-guides will help you get on the right track.

Track your progress with RowPro

Knowing you’re on track to achieve the results you want from your rowing is one of the most important keys to success. For most people, it’s a must. All you need is a practical, easy way of recording your results and comparing your current and previous performances.

When performance or improvement is your goal, your heart rate is a key metric you really need to track, because it reveals how your body is responding to the workload.

As your performance or fitness improves, your speed, strength and endurance go up, and your effort and heart rate go down.

Proper tracking involves recording a lot of detail like strokes and heart rate. RowPro tracks all these items and more by collecting the base data automatically while you row, and making it available to you in charts and tables.

Tracking and analyzing enables you to know, not guess, how your fitness and performance are progressing over time.

Check out the new Tracking your progress mini-guide to learn how to track your progress with RowPro.

Improve your stroke technique with RowPro

Good stroke technique makes you look like a pro when you row and gives you a sense of mastery that stimulates your rowing. Good technique also feels a lot better when you row – it feels more relaxed and less strenuous. You perform better and decrease the risk of muscle injury.

If you row 3 x 20 minutes per week, that adds up to around 75,000 strokes per year, which means good technique is the key to staying injury-free long-term.

Good stroke technique is proven to be more efficient. As your stroke technique improves, your speed, strength and endurance go up, and your effort and heart rate come down.

That all adds up to improved performance – the better your technique, the better you'll perform.

Rowing technique videos can show you good technique, but translating that into your own good technique is another story entirely. RowPro is specifically designed to overcome this challenge so you really do develop good technique in your own rowing.

Check out the new Good stroke technique mini-guide to learn how to improve your stroke technique with RowPro.

Use RowPro for motivation

There's no doubt that sticking with your rowing over the long term is the key to success. And that means maintaining your motivation over the long term is vital to getting the lifelong fitness and health outcomes you want from your rowing. The trick is finding effective ways to do that.

Research into the success factors driving long-term exercise programs like rowing clearly shows that your motivation is the most important, enduring and effective contributor to keeping up your rowing over the long term. Bottom line - it’s essential.

Most rowers are busy people, so each rowing session faces a daily contest with work, family and other activities. As a result people's rowing tends to fall away over time - research shows that without RowPro, on average it's already down 15% after just 1 year.

RowPro overcomes this challenge by being your constant rowing companion and lifelong motivator, providing a mix of mental and physical boosters to stimulate your rowing during the weeks, months and years of active rowing.

Check out the new Using RowPro for motivation mini-guide to learn how to use RowPro to stimulate your rowing.

Use RowPro pace boats and past rows for virtual competition

Pace boats and past rows are great for getting a sense of progress or just for company while you row. Either way, they can be a good source of motivation, and are widely used. You can use them to push you to performing better, or just to make sure you row at your target pace.

People use pace boats in different ways – to drive up performance, to zone out mentally and just stay with the pace boat, or to bring a tactical race plan to life.

RowPro has wide range of pace boats that can either go at a steady pace or change pace while you row. And because RowPro has a 3D display, you can also choose what stroke rate the oarsman in the pace boat will use. That gives you a big range of options.

You can also row with your own past rows. That’s a must, because in many ways there’s no finer pace boat than your own past rows, and that translates into great motivation.

You can also download tens of thousands of Rowfiles of other people’s past rows, and row with them. Plus you can mix and match up to three different virtual boats.

Check out the new Using pace boats and past rows mini-guide to learn how to use RowPro to set up your own virtual competitors.

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