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'I love my RowPro software'

I love the new RowPro - it worked flawlessly. Congratulations to the RowPro Developers. Job well done!

Ellen Dollar
Retired Business Owner, US

I've found RowPro made a huge difference to my rowing regime. It's a really nice piece of software!!

Philip Matthews
RowPro user, IE

Très bon software pour pas perdre la motivation. 5 stars.

Very good software to not lose motivation. 5 stars.

David Karche
RowPro User, FR

I have been a long term supporter of this brilliant software. I wish you guys great success.

Richard Allsop
RowPro User, UK

Thank you. I have the new program running on my new computer and I love it.

Carol Doherty
RowPro User, US

'RowPro has changed my life'

I had to change my lifestyle if I wanted to see my daughter grow up. Since I discovered RowPro I have used it with every workout. Before that I rowed in my basement in solitary confinement! My weight is down 30 pounds since using RowPro. Without it, I know I would not have been able to stick with rowing regularly. Thanks for everything! RowPro has changed my life and my health!

Dr Susan Holliday
Lab Director, US

I was hitting middle age and in need of some serious improvement. The difference RowPro makes for me is motivation – I enjoy beating my previous times and rowing online with others. Now my weight and resting heart rate are down and my blood pressure is back to normal. I’m a convert and recommend RowPro to others.

Tim Knight
Company Director, UK

'I love the RowPro online community'

I love this software. I sincerely did not understand the ‘community building’ aspect of the Internet until I started using RowPro. Your software is tremendous. I feel like I have friends all over the Blue Planet, thanks to RowPro. No, that’s an understatement. I know I have friends all across the Blue Planet thanks to RowPro.

Steve Swift
Freelance Writer, US

RowPro makes all the difference. I hardly ever row alone any more. I’ve rowed 98% of the last 5 million meters online with other rowers. RowPro has taken rowing to a whole new level. I absolutely love it. I have friendships I’ve formed with people in Europe, New Zealand, UK, and all over the US from meeting them online and chatting before and after a row.

Ellen Dollar
Retired Business Owner, US

The best RowPro feature for me is online rowing. I now row with people all over the world. When people are expecting me to row, it motivates me even if I don’t feel like rowing.

Dr Susan Holliday
Lab Director, US

I have raced Polish gym bunnies, Welsh triathletes, retired Italian Olympians and reincarnated viking heroes from Cork, all without leaving my study. 5 stars.

Lewin Hynes
RowPro Online Rower, UK

Row Pro is a great way to keep motivated and in shape. I have rowed with people from just about every country. The Row pro app is nice for setting up and joining rows. 5 stars.

Steve Gillum
RowPro Online Rower, US

'Our students love rowing with RowPro'

We use RowPro in our Healthy Living sessions. Children love rowing with RowPro. It’s visual and easy to pick up. Everyone wants to do it, especially groups of girls. Our biggest issue was getting them to participate, but since we started using RowPro, no child has refused. After rowing we look at the data RowPro produces and discuss appropriate food etc. We get a lot of questions on heart rate because they are made aware and can see it instantly.

Pete Nicholls
School Teacher, UK

We display the RowPro screen on a big whiteboard to make the rowing more exciting. It has made a huge difference. The children want to row with RowPro as often as they can, even during their spare time. Many of our children don’t like sports, but they get into rowing and RowPro has a lot to do with it. They can work at their own pace, and the ones who want to can compete with themselves or others.

Steve Morgan
PE Teacher, UK

'Thanks for the great support'

Yeah I'm back!!! I can not thank you enough for the excellent help. This is the reason I have been a RowPro user for so long.

David Josephus
RowPro User, US

As always, you have gone out of your way to provide more support than could really be expected. I really appreciate it, and I especially value being a customer of Digital Rowing. Thanks so much for your help.

Toby Pearce
RowPro User, UK

I am really impressed with the integrity of your company; also, my emails have always been answered promptly.

Jim Meehan
RowPro User, AU

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Digital Rowing makes computer software for indoor rowing. Our flagship product RowPro is designed exclusively for use with Concept2 Indoor Rowers and is used daily in over 40 countries.

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