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RowPro Multi Brochure

Check out the RowPro Multi brochure

1. What's new?

Our new RowPro Multi brochure is so new it's not even in the box with your Concept2 Indoor Rower!

Before we release the new brochure we're offering you a 30% earlybird discount on RowPro Multi if you rate and comment on the new brochure here.

The main changes in the new brochure are:

  • Single Letter-size sheet so it's easy to print
  • Simpler, clearer, newer content
  • Updated for Windows 10 and macOS
  • Updated for Concept2 PM5
  • Latest RowPro Multi products and plans
  • 30% earlybird discount offer

Download the new brochure now and take advantage of the great offer!

2. Download it

Download RowPro Multi brochure

3. Rate it

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About Digital Rowing

Digital Rowing makes computer software for indoor rowing. Our flagship product RowPro is designed exclusively for use with Concept2 Indoor Rowers and is used daily in over 40 countries.

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