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The RowPro training system breaks new ground in training technology. It combines the training expertise of international training specialist Jon Ackland with RowPro's advanced Wizard-based training plan creation technologies and direct connection to the Indoor Rower to take the guesswork out of your rowing.

The outcome is that you get the results you want from your rowing, whether that be to lose weight, stay fit, or compete, or "all of the above". This Help topic covers:

How the RowPro training system works.
How to create your own training plans.
How to read your training plan.
How to row your training sessions with and when necessary without RowPro.
How to track your training progress.

Getting the results you want

RowPro is designed to help you get the results you want from your rowing. The most essential part of achieving this is making sure the workouts you do are effective in delivering the results you want, and that's where the RowPro training system comes to the fore:

Training plan specialist Jon Ackland of Performance Lab International has carefully crafted over 500 training templates specifically for indoor rowing using RowPro.
His training plans cover competition, fitness and weight control, and are specifically designed to help you get the training results you want from your rowing.
RowPro's built-in Training Plan Wizard selects the best training plan to fit your personal profile and training intentions.
RowPro sets up each training session directly onto the PM for you, and then records all your results directly from the PM into your personal Digital Rowing Log that's built into RowPro.
Later, you can review any training session to see how you did, and compare that to other similar training sessions to see how you're progressing towards your goals.
Because it's easy and effective, you're more likely to do it, and of course doing it is what really counts!


The bottom line is that the key to getting the results you want from your rowing is getting a good training plan that fits you and your training intentions and then sticking to it.

It's amazing how much difference there is between "Will I row today?" and "I'm due for a 5000 Easy today - what time will I do it?" Chances are, when you've got a schedule and you know it's the key to getting the results you want, you're far more likely to end up on the machine doing the work.

See the Help Subtopics for details.