Using competitor rows

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Using competitor rows

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To import a Rowfile containing a recording of a competitor's row:

Locate the Rowfile you want, either on the COncept2 Online Ranking or in the Digital Rowing Rowfile Library.
Download the Rowfile into your RowPro PC.
Start RowPro and open the Control Center / Rowing Log page.
Click Import and navigate to the saved Rowfile you want to import.
Import the Rowfile, which will be saved to your Competitor log.
Use the selector at the bottom right of the Rowing Log page to select the Competitor log.
Locate the saved row in the Competitor log and check SD is showing in the SD column at the right.  This confirms the row has stroke data saved, which is required for you to use it as a boat.

To select and row with someone else's past row:

In Session Setup / Set Piece, select the Set Piece you want to row.
In Session Setup / Lanes, click the button for the lane where you want a past row.
Click the Competitor button. Any imported Rowfiles with saved strokes matching the duration of the Set Piece you selected in Session Setup will be listed.
Select the one you want and click Select.

You will see the past row listed in the lane you chose in the Lanes utility.

When you click Row you will see the past row appear in the lane you selected.

Note: If you have selected to do a warm-up, the past row will only appear in its lane after the warm-up is finished and you have moved on to the main row.