Important medical warning!

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Important medical warning!

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Important Medical Warning!

Consult Your Doctor Before Using RowPro Training Plans.

Digital Rowing's training plans are based on statistical norms in demographic data. You are not a statistical norm! No two human beings are alike. Digital Rowing doesn't know your personal medical history nor fitness level. There is no way for Digital Rowing to know whether a training plan is suitable for you. Only you can make that determination in consultation with your doctor.

Digital Rowing does not warrant that the training plan is fit for you or suitable for your particular purpose.

Digital Rowing is a computer software company. It is not Licensed to give medical advice. Digital Rowing would never give such advice, even if so qualified, purely on the basis of information furnished in response to a questionnaire.

This training plan should only be used in conjunction with a comprehensive program involving professional advice, nutritional advice and exercise appropriate to your age, fitness level and medical history.

Digital Rowing shall not be liable for any personal injuries that you may sustain as a consequence of using this training plan. Digital Rowing shall not liable for any personal injuries that you may sustain as a consequence of using RowPro and/or an Indoor Rower, including your selection of various exercise options.

Remember: Physical exertion is healthy. Too much physical exertion is unhealthy. It's a fine line that only you can draw after seeking appropriate professional advice. Use RowPro entirely at your own risk.

Use of RowPro shall constitute your acceptance of the foregoing disclaimer.


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