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Welcome to RowPro Help

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Welcome to RowPro Help




RowPro is PC software for indoor rowing created by Digital Rowing Inc. for users of Concept2 Indoor Rowers. There's a free Tryout of RowPro on the PC Software for your PM CD in your Concept2 PM manual. This version gives you 20 days to decide if you'd like to purchase it. If you have installed RowPro from this CD, check the Digital Rowing website to see if there's a more recent version of RowPro you can download.

RowPro is a simple, affordable, integrated solution for indoor rowing, complete with everything you need to make the most of your rowing:


} Personalized training plans — whether you row to get in shape, stay fit, cross-train or compete, there's a RowPro training plan designed for you.

} PC-to-PM connection — direct 2-way connection from your PC USB port to your Concept2 Performance Monitor, to automatically set up your rows and log every stroke you take.

} 3D in-row display — advanced 3D on-water rowing animation tracks your stroke action and shows you excellent stroke technique while you row.

} Rowing log — session results, splits and stroke data are automatically recorded in your personal digital rowing log.

} Upload results to Concept2 — upload your results direct to your Concept2 Personal Logbook online and from there to the Online Ranking.

} Virtual racing — race up to 3 virtual competitors stroke by stroke, including pace boats that can vary their pace, your own past rows from your rowing log, and other people's rows that you've downloaded from the Online Ranking.

} Online Rowing — connect your PC to the Internet while you row, and race up to 15 live competitors anywhere in the world in real-time using 1x, 2x, 4x or 8x boats.

} 3D Coaching clinic — visit the built-in 3D Coaching Clinic by Olympic Rowing Coach Brian Hawthorne to learn safe and powerful stroke technique.


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