Introducing RowPro

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Introducing RowPro

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RowPro features

RowPro is packed with features to help every aspect of your rowing:

Direct PM connection - Direct 2-way connection from your RowPro PC to your Concept2 PM5, PM Performance Monitor, to set up rows, track your performance as you row, and record your results.
3D animation - Advanced multi-lane 3D on-water rowing animation tracks your stroke action and shows you excellent stroke technique as you row.
Coaching clinic - A 3D Coaching Clinic where Olympic rowing coach Brian Hawthorne shows you how to row.
Personalized rowing plans - Over 150 pre-defined rowing plan templates for competition, fitness and weight control, plus a Wizard to select the best plan based on your personal profile and goals.
Racing - Virtual Racing with pace boats or past rows, Venue Racing between up to 16 Indoor Rowers, and live Online Rowing with others around the world.
Rowing log - Session results, splits and stroke data are automatically recorded in your personal rowing log.
Performance analysis - Split-by-split charts show how much your pace and heart rate have improved over time.
Multi user - Provides personal rowing plans, rowing logs, custom rows and settings for each user.