Getting Started with RowPro

Thanks for downloading RowPro! You're just a few steps away from your first row. Here's how to install and activate RowPro, connect your Concept2 PM, and set up your first row:

Step 1: Install RowPro

The RowPro download should have started already - check the bottom left of your web browser to see the download progress:

Points to check
  • If the download did not start automatically, use the button below:
  • RowPro needs Windows 10, not older versions, and a PC less than 5 yrs old.
  • The full installation steps are here
  • The RowPro brochure is here
Install RowPro
  • Find the download - bottom left of your browser
  • Click to launch the RowPro setup installer
  • Complete the installer steps
  • A RowPro icon will appear on your desktop
Start RowPro
  • Double-click the RowPro icon
  • The RowPro free trial will open
  • The free trial activation panel will show
  • Follow the free trial activation steps

Step 2: Activate RowPro

Once you've downloaded, installed, and started RowPro, you can activate it as a free trial:

Points to check
  • You need to be online to activate RowPro
  • Your email address needs to be valid
  • Your free trial product key needs to be current
  • Important: Make sure not to do any typos!
Option 1: Activate with email
  • Enter your email address
  • Edit your name and country
  • Click or tap the Go button
  • RowPro will activate as a free trial
Option 2: Activate with product key
  • Find your emailed free trial product key
  • Enter your free trial product key
  • Click or tap the Activate button
  • RowPro will activate as a free trial

Step 3: Connect your Concept2 PM

RowPro connects via a USB cable to Concept2 PM5, PM4 or PM3 Performance Monitors - here's how to connect:

Points to check
  • On the PM, use the square USB-B socket!
  • Insert the USB-B plug the right way around!
  • The PM indicator is on the black PM twin frame
  • If the PM indicator is red, the PM is not found
Get the right USB cable
  • You'll need a USB A-B cable as shown above
  • An old printer cable will do
  • Computer stores sell them
  • Concept2 sells extra-long ones
Connect your Concept2 PM
  • Close RowPro before connecting your PM
  • Connect both ends of the USB cable
  • Start RowPro again
  • Confirm RowPro's PM indicator is green

Step 4: Set up a row

RowPro is the world's #1 software for indoor rowing at home, school or gym with Concept2 Indoor Rowers.

Points to check
  • 'SUAR' is short for 'Set up a Row'
  • Confirm you are the User in SUAR
  • If not, click the User drop-down
  • To add a user go to Tools | Users
Choose your row
  • On the RowPro main menu, tap Set up a Row
  • Choose row type, e.g. Set Piece 1
  • Choose a row, e.g. 500 meters 2
  • If you want, choose options at the right 3
Set up your row
  • Confirm the PM indicator is green 4
  • Click the big green Row button 5
  • Confirm the row is set up on the PM twin 6
  • You can now start rowing

Need assistance?

Use the Resources listed in the panels above, or email us anytime at for expert assistance. Enjoy the RowPro free trial, and all the best with your rowing!