RowPro Rowers

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RowPro Rowers

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A bunch of enthusiastic RowPro users have formed a club called RowPro Rowers on the Concept2 website.

All meters posted online by RowPro Rowers add to the club's total meters and push the club higher up the Concept2 club ladders for total annual meters and for any Concept2 online challenges the club enters.

Each year there are over 1,000 clubs, colleges and universities listed on the Concept2 website, ranked in order of the aggregate number of meters rowed in the current season by each club's members.

RowPro Rowers membership usually grows to over 100 as each season progresses, and is usually ranked in the top ten of these online clubs.

Joining RowPro Rowers is simple and free, and everyone who rows with RowPro is welcome to join.

For step-by-step instructions, click the RowPro Rowers link on the home page at