Experience the magic of Online Rowing

It's fun and you'll make great friends, but the biggest benefit of Online Rowing is the motivation you get to keep rowing. That's why it's such a huge success, with over 150,000 boats now past the finish line. Try it. You'll love it.

  • What is Online Rowing?

    Online Rowing is connecting your RowPro computer to the Internet and rowing with other people all around the world, live and in real time

  • The magic of Online Rowing

    RowPro has a unique and popular 3D Online Rowing system that enables you to row online with other people all around the world in real time.

    Online Rowing is fun, addictive, and a great way to keep yourself rowing over the long term.

    Have you rowed online yet? If not, now's the time to give it a go. Some quick facts:

    • Online Rowing is free to all RowPro users.
    • Any Internet connection will do including wireless, mobile, satellite and even dial-up.
    • There are organized sessions and an online hostess Pam to answer your questions and help you get started.
    • Most people row online for the motivation of rowing with others, not to compete. Most online rows are not races.
    • Any pace is great, from gentle to sizzling, you choose. There's no such thing as too slow or too fast.
    • There are rows scheduled every day that anyone can join.
    • Online rowers are a great bunch of friendly people.

    Rowing sessions online

    Rowing sessions online is very similar to rowing sessions offline, with a few extras:

    • When you click Row in Session Setup | Online, you go through to a Check-in area where others gather. You can text chat with each other and warm up until the starter starts the online row.
    • When you row online there are other boats beside you in the other lanes. Each boat is someone else in the session. When a person takes a stroke, their ‘avatar’ in the boat beside you also takes a stroke, so their actions match in real time.
    • When you finish an online row, a finish panel pops up showing results and enabling you to chat again with others in that row.
    • There's an online rowing club named Oarbits where you create and join Scheduled Rows, view results and contact others.
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  • What is Oarbits?

    Oarbits is your gateway to online rowing with RowPro

  • The Oarbits online rowing club

    Oarbits is an online rowing club for people who row online with RowPro. Oarbits membership is free and you can join anytime. In Oarbits you can:

    • View the list of upcoming Scheduled Rows you can join.
    • Join a Scheduled Row to reserve your place in the row.
    • View the list of online rows completed already.
    • View the results of each completed row with paces and times.
    • Send a message to one or more Oarbits members.

    Oarbits anywhere

    When you regularly row online you'll appreciate being able to access Oarbits from anywhere. Now there are four ways to connect to Oarbits:

    • Oarbits in RowPro - You can open Oarbits directly from within RowPro to create or join Scheduled Rows or view results.
    • Oarbits Online - You can use any web browser on any computer anywhere to access all the features of Oarbits.
    • Oarbits App - Now there's an iPhone App and an Android App you can use to access Oarbits wherever you are.
    • Oarbits Gadget - There's also a Windows desktop gadget that you can use to quickly check who else is in the rows you're in.
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  • Why row online?

    It's cool, it's fun, and you'll make great friends. And it will motivate you to keep rowing. Try it. You'll love it.

  • Why do people row online?

    To begin with, the idea of rowing online with other people all over the world is really cool and a lot of fun.

    Once you've tried it, you'll quickly realize there are many people out there just like you who share common interests and rowing goals, whether it be weight control, fitness and health, training, or competition.

    People also quickly make friends and rowing buddies online, and tend to row more with people who have a similar interest to their own. Over time, the whole online rowing activity becomes very motivating.

    Overall, online rowing is cool, fun, very motivating and a great boost to your rowing, and it's very easy to do.

    How will Online Rowing help me?

    Online rowing helps your rowing several ways:

    • Motivation - When you know the boats beside you are real people rowing right now beside you, the feeling of rowing is completely different compared to rowing alone or with a pace boat or past row. People find it tremendously motivating to know they're rowing with friends with a common interest from all over the world. It's a truly international experience.
    • Companionship - You'll be pleasantly surprised at the great friendships you form over time with other online rowers as you row together and share your experiences online.
    • Community - Oarbits is an online rowing club. It's a great community of people who share a common interest in rowing.
    • Organization - The most popular online rowing activities are organized sessions that people can just choose, join and row. This helps structure your rowing and makes it easy to do.
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