RowPro is your key to successful rowing

A personal logbook that records every stroke while you row. Flexible and effective training plans tailored to you. The magic of live online rowing with friendly people worldwide. And of course the precision 3D graphics that take you out on the water. It's all yours in RowPro - the rowing software designed exclusively for Concept2 Indoor Rowers.

RowPro is the world's #1 indoor rowing software, for Windows and Mac.

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Connect RowPro direct to your Concept2 PM, then tap or click to set up rows.

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Logbook + Analysis

RowPro auto-logs every stroke so you can track and analyze your rowing.

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Training plans

Get plans with the right mix of strength, endurance and speed workouts.

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Live online rowing

Experience the magic of rowing with other people live, and set yourself up for a lifetime of rowing.

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3D in-row display

Lose yourself in the ripples of sparkling live water, and your rowing time will just glide past.

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Smart pace boats

Row with up to 3 smart pace boats, or your own past rows, or other people’s past rows.

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What is RowPro?

RowPro is the world's #1 indoor rowing software, designed exclusively for Concept2 Indoor Rowers by Digital Rowing.

RowPro helps you stay motivated so you keep rowing for lifelong health and fitness. Whether you're an experienced rower or a complete beginner, in shape or not, RowPro is made for you. Just connect to your Concept2 PM and start rowing - it's that simple. You'll enjoy rowing with RowPro!

By the numbers

90% of rowers say the key is finding time and motivation
95% of RowPro users recommend or highly recommend it to you
Over 1.8 billion meters have been rowed online with RowPro
96% of RowPro computers are online while rowing