Learning good stroke technique

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Learning good stroke technique

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The Coaching Clinic is where you can watch the on-screen Oarsman's stroke technique close-up in 3D without having to row yourself to make the Oarsman move. You can slow down or pause the stroke action to focus on a particular part of the stroke.

For each part of the stroke, coaching notes are provided in the area where the Charts are normally displayed. Just click The Catch, The Drive, The Finish, The Recovery, or Stroke Rhythm to learn the key points about each one.

Please note that the Oarsman's stroke technique is excellent, but not perfect! We've worked hard to ensure the stroke action is as realistic as possible, however to the expert eye there are still subtle imperfections in the stroke. Also, the Indoor Rowing stroke can be a little different from the on-water stroke, since you don't need to lift and lower the oars and you don't need to turn your wrists to square and feather the blades as you move through each stroke. So please don't try to imitate the Oarsman exactly!

The main parts of the Coaching Clinic are:

3D Display

This shows a close-up of the Oarsman. You can spin the Oarsman to any angle and watch the Oarsman's stroke technique in slo-mo or at normal speed.

To spin the Oarsman, click anywhere in the 3D Display and drag the mouse horizontally or vertically to move the view.
To make the Oarsman row, use the movement controls located on the upper left Charts frame:


This stops the Oarsman at any point in the stroke so you can study it carefully.


This starts the Oarsman rowing in slow motion.

Fast forward

The starts the Oarsman rowing at normal speed (24 SPM).

Coaching tips

While the Oarsman rows, click each of the buttons in the Charts panel to see a brief list of coaching tips. These tips are provided by Olympic Rowing Coach Brian Hawthorne specifically for RowPro users. As you read each tip, look at the Oarsman rowing in slo-mo and see for yourself how that tip looks in action. Spin the Oarsman to see it from any angle until you really get the point. Coaching tips are provided for the:

Stroke Rhythm


This closes the Coaching Clinic and sets up a new Just Row. You can also click Stop Row to close the Coaching Clinic.