Starting RowPro

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Starting RowPro

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Desktop shortcuts

After RowPro is installed, you'll find two new shortcut icons on your desktop, a RowPro icon and a Concept2 Logbook icon.

If you only want to use one of these products, you can simply delete the desktop icon of the one you don't plan to use.
If you want to use both these products, you can do that as well. However once you have purchased RowPro there's really no need to use the Concept2 Logbook any more, because all the functions of the Concept2 Logbook are included in RowPro.


Both these products use the same database, so if you start by using the Concept2 Logbook, and later you decide to move up to RowPro, you will find all the results you entered via your Concept2 Logbook are present in your RowPro database.

This means you don't need to do anything to 'upgrade' from the Concept2 Logbook to RowPro, apart from buying a RowPro license in the Digital Rowing Online Store at and using it to activate RowPro.

Starting RowPro

If you plan to row a session with RowPro, then before you start RowPro, connect your Concept2 PM to your PC as described in the Help Topic Concept2 PM Connection.

To start RowPro, double-click the RowPro shortcut on your desktop.  You will see:

1.The RowPro Splash Screen - this shows while RowPro is loading and shows you the version of RowPro.
2.The RowPro Activation Manager - this enables you to get a 20-day free tryout license or activate RowPro with a purchased license. The Activation Manager will appear every time you start RowPro until you activate RowPro with a purchased license.
3.The RowPro In-Row Display - This is the main RowPro screen and shows you can now start using RowPro.

If you have problems starting RowPro, these are likely to be for very simple reasons that can be readily solved by following the steps in the Troubleshooting topic.

The In-Row Display

When RowPro starts, you will see the In-Row Display. This is the main RowPro display and is always on your PC screen until you close RowPro by clicking Exit or the x button on the title bar.

The In-Row Display is the part of RowPro that is active while you row. It is packed with next-generation features that are designed to give you the best possible feedback while you row:

The 3D Display puts you in the seat of a rowing shell that's accurately modeled on the Pan-Am Pro Elite from Little River Marine, and you get to row with state-of-the-art Big Blade Dreissigacker Oars from Concept2. You row on the longest course in the world - in fact it never runs out! Professional camera operators track your boat to keep it in view as you row. The on-screen Oarsman (or woman) tracks you stroke by stroke while you row, showing you excellent rowing technique that you can mimic to quickly improve your own rowing technique. The entire 3D Display and everything in it is painstakingly designed and accurately scaled to look as close as possible to the real thing. See The 3D Display Help Topic for more details.
Above the 3D Display is the Menu Bar, where a single click will open Session Setup, the Control Center, the Coaching Clinic, or the extensive built-in Help. For more information on each of these, see the Using RowPro - the basics Help Topic
Below the 3D Display is the Progress Bar. As you row, the Progress Bar slider moves from the left edge to the right edge, showing you at a glance exactly how far you are through your row. Note that during a Just Row, the Progress Bar is fixed in the middle since it's not possible for RowPro to know how far you are through your Just Row, because you might stop at any time! See The Progress Bar Help Topic for more details.
At the bottom are two advanced Charts that track your Pace and Heartrate at every stroke, with pre-settable Target Zones that make it easy to stay within your Pace and Heartrate targets as you row. Clicking the button below each chart changes the units that are displayed on that chart. See The Charts Help Topic for more details.
Also at the bottom is the PM twin, an on-screen replica of the Concept2 Performance Monitor that, with the real PM still fully operational, lets you see two display modes at once, for example elapsed time and average pace. You can click the button below the PM twin to show Pace, Watts or Calories, just like on the real PM. See The PM twin Help Topic for more details.
On the top frame of the PM twin, a three-color SPM indicator makes it easy to stay within your SPM targets as you row. See the On-screen status indicators Help Topic for more details.
On the bottom frame of the PM twin, a PM connection status indicator shows whether your PM is connected and communicating with RowPro. See the On-screen status indicators Help Topic for more details, and see the Concept2 PM Connection Help Topic for information about connecting your Indoor Rower.
Also on the bottom frame of the PM twin, an fps indicator shows the number of frames per second your PC is achieving on the 3D display. Seethe On-screen status indicators Help Topic for more details.