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Rowing Log

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Rowing Log

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The Rowing Log page in the Control Center lists the results of all of the sessions you have rowed using RowPro, plus any rows you have done without RowPro and entered manually. It also contains a number of related utilities that let you view and work with your results. Each RowPro user has their own personal Rowing Log. See the Managing your Rowing Log Help Topic for information about managing and maintaining your rowing log.

Each time you row a session, RowPro creates a new entry in your Rowing Log.

By default, the rows are listed in date order.
Clicking the column headers changes the sort order so that it sorts on the column you click. Clicking twice on a column header reverses the sort order.
The Cu. Meters column is automatically blanked if the list is sorted by any other heading besides Date.


If you right mouse on any entry, you get a selection of actions that you can do with that row. You can also select multiple rows by holding down the Ctrl or Shift keys while you select rows:

The Ctrl key selects individual entries.
The Shift key selects a range of entries.


The right mouse menu gives the following options:


This deletes the selected rows.

Delete strokes

This deletes stroke data from the selected rows. See the Managing your Rowing Log Help Topic for details.


This gives a detailed printable table and chart of the splits/intervals and totals in the selected row. If the selected row has strokes saved you can also view a stroke-by-stroke chart of the results. Entries with strokes saved are marked SD in the SD column to the right of the rowing log.


This enables you to:

Export the entire log or the selected row to a .CSV file that you can open with Microsoft Excel.
Export the selected row as a Rowfile that you can send to yourself at home or to someone else.
Upload the selected row to your Concept2 Online Personal Logbook.

Export to C2

This shortcut enables you to directly upload the selected rows to your Concept2 Online Personal Logbook.


This enables you to move an entry from your rowing log to the rowing log of another user in the same copy of RowPro. This enables you to fix a situation where you have accidentally rowed as another user.


This lets you choose whether the /500m column displays Pace /500m, Watts or Calories. You can also click the small button on the header of the /500m column.


This opens up a note editor that lets you add a note to each row. A paper clip symbol in the first column shows that a row has a note attached. Each note can contain:

A Comment.
A record of your Lactate, plus the Temperature and Humidity.
Whether you rowed using a Slide.
A User Reference that will help you identify the row in the Regatta list.


This prepares a Performance Report that compares your performance in two similar-format rows to identify your performance changes. See the Analyze Help Topic for more details.

Select similar

This is a fast and easy one-click way to select rows that are similar to the one you have highlighted.  You can use a submenu to choose whether 'similar' means the same Duration, Type or Format, or a combination of two or all three of these factors.


This enables you to print the selected session.


This opens a panel where you can enter lactate data for the selected session.


Your rowing log also has some optional settings and related utilities:

Include Warm Up/Dn

You can choose whether or not your warm-ups and warm-downs will be included in your cumulative meters rowed. By default the warm ups and warm downs are not included. To include them, check the Include Warm Up/Dn in Cu Meters box on the right above the Rowing Log. Concept2 regards either approach as legitimate for Distance Clubs like the Million Meters Club.

Opening Balance

If you have kept a rowing log before starting to use RowPro, you can take into account the cumulative meters that you have already rowed by entering a number in the Opening Balance box on the right above the Rowing Log.


As time passes you will gradually accumulate more and more rows in the log. This can make it hard to find similar rows when you are reviewing your performance change over time. To help review your rows, a filter is provided that enables you to choose any value in any column and list only rows that contain that value. You can set filters in more than one column at once, for example to list only 2000m rows that are Set Piece rows.


By default, filters are off. To turn them on, check the Filters box on the left above the Rowing Log. This blanks the Cu. Meters column and displays a row of green clickable buttons above the headings in the Digital Rowing Log.
Clicking any green button displays a list of all the unique entries in that column. Selecting one of the entries on the list turns on that filter and changes the green button to red. Now only the rows that match that filter value will be displayed in the Digital Rowing Log.
Even with filters on, you can still click the column headings to change the sort order of the rows listed.
To remove the filters, either clear them individually by clicking their red button and selecting All, or clear them all by un-checking the Filters check box.

Note: If the Cu. Meters column is blank, remember you need to sort on the Date column for Cu. Meters to show.


RowPro provides a LogCard Utility that enables you to:

Select any Set Pieces, Training Sessions or Custom Rows that are available to you in RowPro and save them on your Concept2 LogCard. This enables you to row these sessions without RowPro being connected, for example if you are using another Indoor Rower somewhere else while you travel. You can save up to 5 sessions on each LogCard. If you need to take more than that, you can use several LogCards and put 5 on each.
Import any completed rows from a LogCard into your RowPro Rowing Log. RowPro checks to ensure that you don't double-enter rows from a LogCard into your Rowing Log.
Delete completed rows from a LogCard to free up space, or clear (i.e. erase) an entire LogCard.

Note: The functions provided by the LogCard Utility are described more fully in the LogCard Utility Help Topic.


RowPro enables you to import several types of rows:

Rowfiles of rows done by other people, so that you can use them to animate a rower in one of the other lanes and compete with them. These Rowfiles are not added to your Rowing Log - instead they are added to the Competitor Log and become available for selection when setting up Lanes in Session Setup. See the Lanes Help Topic for information on selecting other people's rows in Lanes.
Rowfiles of rows you did yourself using another copy of RowPro. Provided you have done the row using the same user name as you use in your own copy of RowPro, then RowPro recognizes you as the owner of the Rowfile and enters the imported result into your Rowing Log, otherwise RowPro treats the Rowfile as having been rowed by someone else, as above.
e-Row Version 4 individual workout result files. These e-Row files are taken as yours and added to your Rowing Log.
To import a row:
Click the Import Row button under the Rowing Log.
In the Open dialog box that pops up, use the Files of Type selector to choose either RowPro Rowfiles or e-Row Workout files, navigate to the folder containing the row you wish to import, select it, and click Open.

Manual Entry...

If you have done a row without RowPro connected to the Indoor Rower, you can still enter that row into your Rowing Log as a Manual Entry. When you click the Manual Entry button, a box appears that lets you enter details of your rowing results, including splits and totals. You can also use the Manual Entry facility to enter activities and workouts other than rowing into your Rowing Log.


You can print all the rows that are listed in your Rowing Log by clicking the Print Log button. The printout will reflect the settings of any sorting and filters you currently have active. By combining sorting, filters and printing, you can get quick listings showing for example all the 2000m rows you have ever done, sorted by the pace you achieved in each one. This is a very powerful way to understand your rowing performance over time. You can also use printouts of your complete rowing log as an off-line backup to ensure that you never lose what typically becomes a very long history that most people would be very reluctant to risk losing.

Reset view

In case you get mixed up with which filters are set and which columns are sorted in what order, click the Reset view button to get back to the normal view.

My Log / Competitor Log / Race Log

The RowPro rowing log is in fact three separate rowing logs:

My Log

This is the rowing log each user has for their results.  All rows (except Venue Races) that are rowed with RowPro, or imported from a LogCard, or entered manually, or imported from Rowfiles with a matching user name are stored in My Log.

Competitor Log

When a Rowfile is imported, RowPro checks if the user who created the Rowfile has the same name as the user who is importing the Rowfile.

If so

the Rowfile is entered into the user's My Log.

If not

the Rowfile is imported into the Competitor Log.

Race Log

All Venue Racing results are saved into the Race Log.