Preparing to row with RowPro

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Preparing to row with RowPro

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Before you row each session with RowPro:

Set up your PC next to your Indoor Rower, connect your PC to your PM, and start RowPro.
Ensure your PC is plugged into mains power. Also, check and if necessary change its power saver settings.
Put on your heartrate monitor chest belt, and if you have a plug-in heartrate pickup, position it on the floor below the mid-point of your seat travel and off to the side a bit so the signal doesn't have to travel through the metal rail of the Indoor Rower.
Make sure you have your drink and towel handy, and anything else you need.
Check your environment is right - phone off, cat out, that sort of thing.
Set up your workout on RowPro. See the Step-by-step workout sequence Help Topic for details.