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The Lanes option controls which other boats will be alongside you as you row. There are 4 lanes.

In the 3D Display, Lane 1 is nearest to the far shore, and you always row in Lane 4 nearest to the camera.
In the 2D Display, Lane 1 is at the top, and you always row in Lane 4 at the bottom.

Note: Online Rowing uses a special Lanes arrangement that is set up automatically when the Online rowing session is set up. If there are more than 4 competitors in an Online rowing session, RowPro automatically shows 8 lanes and you row in Lane 8.

The Lanes option shows what's in each lane, and you can click the lane number buttons 1-4 to open the Lanes utility and put a boat into that lane. The choices are:

Pace boat

A Pace Boat can be a Quick Pace Boat that you have created in Lanes / Pace Boat, or an Intermediate or Advanced Pace Boat that you have created in the Pace Boat Studio. See the Pace Boat Help Topic for details.


Pacesetter is a rower who rows exactly in accordance with targets you have pre-set in a Custom Row or in the Lanes / Me Live / Quick Targets panel. See the Pacesetter Help Topic for details.

Note: Pacesetter is only available when Pace and SPM targets have been preset.

Past Row

A Past Row is a row you have done previously that is saved in your RowPro Rowing Log with strokes. See the Past Row Help Topic for details.


A Competitor is a row someone else has done previously that is saved in your Competitor Log with strokes. See the Competitor Help Topic for details.

Me Live

This is only available in Lane 4. When Me Live is selected, you can set Quick Targets for Heart Rate, Pace and SPM. See the Me Live Help Topic for details.


By default, Session Setup opens with Me Live in Lane 4 and with all the other lanes empty.