Download and Installation

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Download and Installation

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Downloading the RowPro software package

The RowPro software package is shipped in the following formats:


This is a download package shipped as a single file that you can download from the Digital Rowing Download Center. It includes everything required to run RowPro except the Microsoft.Net Framework. When this exe is installed, the installer checks your PC for the .Net Framework, and if .Net is not already installed as part of your Windows Operating System, the installer automatically downloads the .Net Framework from Microsoft and installs it in your PC along with RowPro. The RowProSetup file is approx 40 MB and the .Net Framework is a further approx 25 MB.


This is an exact image of the RowPro CD that you can download as a single file from the Digital Rowing Download Center. It includes everything required to run RowPro, including the Microsoft.Net Framework and full documentation. This iso file can be burnt directly onto a CD-R by any commercial CD-R burning software that can handle iso files (most can). When the iso file is correctly burnt onto CD-R, the iso file itself disappears and all its contents are laid out on the CD exactly the way they are laid out on the physical RowPro CD product shipped by Digital Rowing. The iso file is approx 65 MB.

RowPro CD product

This is a physical boxed CD product that you can purchase in the Digital Rowing Online Store. This CD includes the RowPro CD product in the same form as is contained in the RowProCD.iso file as described above, except that the CD is printed and boxed, and a Quick Start Guide is included.


All these versions of RowPro require either a purchased license or a 20-day free tryout license to operate. When you start RowPro, the Activation Manager opens automatically and assists you to get and install one of these licenses.

When RowPro is run with a 20-day free tryout license, the Training Plan Wizard is limited to creating two training plans, and the number of users is limited to one. After operating for 20 days, RowPro will require a purchased license to continue operating.

Installing RowPro from CD

Insert the CD with RowPro into your CD drive. An installation menu should start automatically. If not, then navigate to the CD folder, double-click RowProSetup.exe and follow the instructions.

Installing RowPro from a download package

After downloading the RowPro package, navigate to the folder containing the downloaded RowPro Setup package. Double-click RowProSetup.exe and follow the instructions on your screen.

The RowPro installer uses an InstallShield Wizard to lead you through the process of installing RowPro. Follow the instructions on-screen. Please note the following:

The InstallShield Wizard will only install RowPro if your PC has one of the specified Windows operating systems.
If the InstallShield Wizard finds an existing version of RowPro in your PC, the installer will automatically uninstall it before installing the new version of RowPro. Please note that your existing RowPro database and license are retained when the earlier version of RowPro is uninstalled.