Deactivating or Moving RowPro

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Deactivating or Moving RowPro

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Deactivating RowPro

If your RowPro PC is connected to the Internet, click the down arrow next to Help on the RowPro main menu, click Activation Manager / Maintenance tab, and click Deactivate Online.  The RowPro license number you used to activate RowPro will be shown.  Click OK to begin the deactivation process.

RowPro connects to the Digital Rowing Oarbits Server, deactivates your license there, and deactivates itself.  You can now use your RowPro license to activate RowPro in another PC.

If RowPro can't connect to the Digital Rowing Oarbits Server, a box will appear with connection advice. You may need to configure your firewall to allow RowPro to access the Internet.  If this is not possible then you will need to contact

Getting assistance

If you need assistance with deactivating or moving RowPro, please contact