Adding Users

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Adding Users

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RowPro is designed for multiple users. Each user is provided with their own training plans, rowing log, user profile and user settings.

Guest user

RowPro includes a Guest User who can do general things like setting up and rowing a set piece, but does not have training plans, a rowing log, a user profile or user settings. An unlimited number of users can use the general functions of RowPro by rowing as the Guest User.

Adding users

RowPro ships with only the Guest User loaded, so one of the first things you need to do is add yourself and/or other users, up to the number of users provided by the RowPro license you have purchased.  Note with a 20-day free tryout, you can add only one user.

To add a user, open the Control Center, click the Users button at the bottom, click Add, read and accept the Medical Warning, enter a user name, and click OK and Close.

The default user

Each time you start RowPro, the user will be set to either the Guest User or the last person who used RowPro, depending on the option selected on the System Settings page of the Control Center.

If you are the only user, set RowPro to start with the Last User activated - that way you will never need to bother setting the user.
If there will be more than one user, set RowPro to start with the Guest User activated - that way none of the users will accidentally row as another user.


RowPro does not use passwords.  RowPro Home Edition works on the basis that the people sharing a copy of RowPro trust each other not to log on as another user and interfere with each other's training plans, settings and records.  RowPro School and Gym Editions rely on the use of RowPro being controlled or supervised by a coach or instructor.