Activating RowPro

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Activating RowPro

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Activating RowPro online

If your RowPro PC is connected to the Internet, go to the Activation Manager / Activate tab, click Activate Online and enter the RowPro license number you have purchased in the Digital Rowing Online Store at or received from a Digital Rowing Distributor and registered at

RowPro connects to the Digital Rowing Oarbits Server, sends its Serial Number, sends your RowPro license number, and receives your Product Key.  Once RowPro is activated successfully you can start using RowPro.

You will see on the Title Bar at the very top of the PC screen it says RowPro Home, School or Gym Edition.  This confirms RowPro has been activated with a purchased RowPro License.

If RowPro can't connect to the Digital Rowing Oarbits Server, a box will appear with connection advice. You may need to configure your firewall to allow RowPro to access the Internet.  If this is not possible then you will need to activate using one of the methods below.

If you can't activate RowPro online

In the Activation Manager / Activate tab, click the blue link Other activation options, select the Web, Email or Phone tab, and follow the steps there.  Web is the simplest alternative.  Note if you use a web browser, this can be on any PC, not just the RowPro PC.

Getting assistance

If you need assistance with activating RowPro or getting started with RowPro, please contact