Download, installation and activation instructions

How to download and install RowPro using RowProSetup.exe

The RowProSetup.exe file contains:

RowPro also requires Microsoft .Net Framework 2 and the Microsoft DirectX9 Runtime to be present in your PC. If RowPro Setup determines that the correct version of each of these is not already installed in your PC, RowPro Setup automatically downloads the correct version from Microsoft and installs it in your PC.

How to download and install RowPro using RowProCD.iso

The RowProCD.iso file contains:

How to activate the free Tryout

RowPro free Tryouts provide the full functionality of RowPro for a single user for 20 days. To activate RowPro Tryout:

How to activate RowPro

Upgrading from earlier versions of RowPro

If the installer finds an earlier version of RowPro already installed in your PC, it will automatically remove the earlier version and install the newer version. Your RowPro Database and Product Key will be preserved during this process. We recommend you back up your Database before upgrading, using the utility provided in RowPro on the Control Center / System Settings page.

Checking your PC performance

To ensure the 3D graphics in RowPro will perform well in your Vista or XP PC, before you install RowPro, check your PC meets or exceeds the RowPro PC Requirements and run the RowPro Graphics Tester first.

Take care to ensure you have the required Service Packs installed and your Windows operating system is fully up-to-date, by visiting the Microsoft Windows Update website.

Starting RowPro

RowPro Setup automatically creates a RowPro icon and a Concept2 Logbook icon on your desktop. Double-click the RowPro icon to start RowPro or the Concept2 Logbook icon to start the Concept2 Logbook. If you do not wish to use the Concept2 Logbook you can delete that icon from your desktop.

For more information see the RowPro User Guide, which contains a great deal of important and useful information to help you quickly get RowPro working. This guide is:

Also take a look at the RowPro Product Sheet for an overview of what you can do with RowPro.

Having trouble getting started?

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