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It's important to make sure the plan is technically sound, meaning it is based on exercise science. Look for the four key signs:

Effective and safe training plans are based on exercise science and are prepared by experts. Unless a plan is specifically tailored to your physiological characteristics, it is almost certain to be sub-optimal and may not be safe for you.

RowPro training system

Digital Rowing has engaged training guru Jon Ackland of Performance Lab International to create a training system specifically for users of Concept2 Indoor Rowers: The RowPro Training System.

The result is a huge library of hundreds of training plans for weight control, fitness and competition, suitable for the full spectrum of users from beginner to elite, plus a training plan wizard to select a suitable plan and expertly tailor it to your current age, weight, fitness level and rowing experience.

RowPro is engineered to use these training plans directly. RowPro sets up each training session onto your Concept2 Performance Monitor ready for you to row, and then records all your results directly from the Performance Monitor into your personal rowing log built into RowPro. Later, you can review any training session to see how you did, and compare that to other similar training sessions to see how you're progressing towards your goals.

RowPro plans have been carefully designed to meet all the core requirements, and are 100% based on exercise science, so you can be confident each plan you use is right for you.

By bringing all this together into an integrated easy-to-use training system, RowPro plans take the guesswork out of your rowing and put you in control, so you can be confident you'll get the outcomes you want from your rowing.


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