RowBox At World Rowing Championships 2010

    Lake Karapiro NZ, Nov 7, 2010
  • Organizers of the 2010 World Rowing Championships (WRC2010) at Lake Karapiro, New Zealand have created a unique 'RowBox' to promote New Zealand and Championships in a way no other rowing or major sporting event has done.

    The RowBox is a specially modified shipping container with 4 Concept2 Indoor Rowers on one side and a multi-media tourism showcase on the other side.

    The RowBox features 4 large video displays powered by RowPro that enable visitors to virtually race the last 250m of the WRC2010 course at Lake Karapiro in New Zealand.

    "We made a special 3D scene of the beautiful Lake Karapiro specially for the RowBox" said Digital Rowing President Pete Loeffen. "We also enabled the RowPro races to be remotely controlled by the RowBox operator's tablet PC."

    Over the last 18 months the RowBox has toured some of the World's top rowing regattas, including Henley in the UK, Munich, Lucerne, Poznan, Vienna and Racice in Europe, and the Head of the Charles Regatta in the USA.

    Over the last year the RowBox has toured New Zealand extensively, visiting schools, shows and rowing events all around the country.

    The 66,000 spectators at WRC2010 set a new record for a World Rowing Championships.

  • RowBox at the World Rowing Championships 2010 - Simulated racing in 3D using RowPro

    "Setting a new record for spectator numbers is the perfect end to an unforgettable World Championships," said WRC2010 CEO Tom Mayo. "We have truly raised the bar in every way. We extend our special thanks to Pete and Pam Loeffen of Digital Rowing for their inspirational support throughout the 18 months of the RowBox tour."

    "There's no doubt the RowBox made a huge contribution to the record turnout" said Digital Rowing President Pete Loeffen. "We congratulate Tom Mayo and the WRC2010 organizers on their outstanding success, and we applaud their vision in creating the RowBox."