Digital Rowing Releases Oarbits App

    Boston, Jul 18, 2011
  • Digital Rowing today announced the release of a free Oarbits App for iPhone and Android phones.

    The Oarbits App enables Online Rowing participants to view, create and join Scheduled Rows, view Results and News, and send Messages.

    "The new Oarbits App provides all the Oarbits functions already available in RowPro and on the Oarbits web page" says Digital Rowing President Pete Loeffen. "This enables people to reach and use Oarbits anywhere."

    Users sign in to the Oarbits App on first use. This makes it possible to join or leave Scheduled Rows from within the oarbits App with a single click.

    "We've found that many users prefer to organize their online rowing using the Oarbits web page because they can use any web browser on any computer anywhere" says Pete Loeffen. "Now it's even easier, and it's truly mobile."

    The iPhone app works on any iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. The Android app works on any Android phone.

    The Oarbits App has been created using a 'write once target many' development framework that enables a single mobile app to be simultaneously developed and released for more than one device operating system.

    "This represents an important step forward for Digital Rowing" says Pete Loeffen, "and forms a base from which we can push further into other devices and apps."

  • Oarbits App released - For iPhone, iPad and Android

    The Oarbits App, the Oarbits web page and RowPro share a common communications model back to the Oarbits server at Digital Rowing to ensure users can seamlessly move between them when interacting with Oarbits.

    "Going forward we are moving to a flexible reusable data framework behind the scenes" says Digital Rowing Web Developer Jerome Howard. "This is designed to simplify our web and device development, speed up information retrieval, and provide a better user experience."

    To get the Oarbits App for iPhone, search the App Store for Oarbits.

    To get the Oarbits App for Android, search the Android Market for Oarbits at