World first as RowPro hosts BORC 2011

    Nottingham, UK, Nov 26, 2011
  • In late November 2011, Digital Rowing and Concept2 UK joined forces to run the first British Online Rowing Championships, or BORC as it will be known.

    A total of 57 competitors from 10 countries raced in BORC 2011 using the RowPro Online Rowing system as the racing platform.

    The competitors were physically located at their own homes in their own countries, and simply came together online to race.

    The BORC team at Concept2 UK organized the promotion, entries, results and administration, while the BORC team at Digital Rowing half a world away did the competitor marshaling, race control and race starts on race day.

    "Check-ins and starts ran very smoothly" said Digital Rowing race starter Pam Loeffen. "Some of the competitors had rowed online before, and the people who hadn't were able to join one of the practice sessions online in the lead up to race day."

    "It was so different from a normal race day" said Simon Larkin of Concept2 UK. "At the BIRC, I'm used to feeling the race atmosphere in the room, and seeing the look people have on their faces on race day."

    "With the BORC, I arrived at the office as usual, went online, and all of a sudden the event came to life in front of my eyes and the racing was underway. It was amazing."

  • Digital Rowing and Concept2 UK co-host BORC 2011

    Digital Rowing and Concept2 UK plan to run the BORC as an annual online event, with a view to growing it over time into a major competitive event on the rowing calendar.

    "This is a historic moment for Online Rowing" said Digital Rowing President Pete Loeffen. "What we are seeing here represents the future of national and international Indoor Rowing competitions. It completely eliminates the time and cost barriers to participating in competition, and enables anyone anywhere to compete at international levels. We expect online regattas like the BORC will grow strongly in the coming years."